Emile Petersen

Emile Petersen is an accomplished dancer from Cape Town, with a professional career that took off through his love for Hip Hop, as a key member of the Untimitive Dance Company. With an array of talents in performance, teaching and choreography, Emile’s passions have led him to work with numerous companies both domestically and internationally.

Emile’s creative talents extend beyond the dance floor, with a keen interest in various filming and creative endeavors. After completing the 3-year, Jazzart Dance Theatre training program, Emile has gone on to become a valuable member of the company as a seasoned dancer.


Rian Jansen

From the quaint town of Malmesbury, Rian Jansen discovered his love for dance at a young age, immersing himself in various dance genres.

Rian’s passion for dance brought him to Jazzart Dance Theatre, where he began his journey as a member of the Chrysalis Academy/Jazzart Dance Leadership Programme. With his talent and dedication, he soon graduated from the  3-year full-time training program at Jazzart Dance Theatre, a pivotal moment in his career.

Today, Rian is a dynamic and talented company member, bringing his unique style and creativity to the stage with every performance.

Lihle Mfene

Lihle Mfene is a passionate company dancer at Jazzart Dance Theatre who graduated from the Cape Academy of Performing Arts in 2020.

He received extensive training in drama, singing, and dance disciplines such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. Lihle is also skilled in choreography, acting, voice, and physical theatre, and has a strong background in African dance.

His diverse talents have made him a valuable member of the Jazzart Dance Theatre family, where he contributes to their productions and showcases his passion for the arts.

Vuyelwa Phota

Vuyelwa Phota is a passionate dancer and choreographer who graduated from The National School of the Arts in 2021.

She has experience in a variety of dance styles, including Ballet, Contemporary, Afro-fusion, and Pantsula. She has also choreographed and performed in several productions, including KUYENYUKA.

She was hired as a promotional talent for Waterfall City and participated in the JYDC’s 2021 season, performing in Phoenix at The Roodeport Theatre.

With her diverse skillset and passion for the art, Vuyelwa continues to make waves in the dance community and is undoubtedly a rising star to watch out for.

Savannah Petrus

Savannah boasts an impressive background in dance, having dedicated years to training in various styles including ballet, contemporary, and gymnastics prior to embarking on her journey with Jazzart Dance Theatre.

After completing the Chrysalis Academy/Jazzart Dance leadership programme she joined the 3-year dance training programme. Savannah has truly honed her skills and emerged as a versatile dancer. She is a valued member of the company, bringing her unique talents to the stage in a range of works by some of the most celebrated choreographers in the industry. Her commitment and dedication to dance continue to inspire and captivate audiences.

Chesney Stanfield

Chesney Stanfield, a California native, trained at the Sarah Cookney Academy of Dance before emigrating to South Africa in 2007. She is a multi-talented performer, teacher and choreographer with expertise in Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Heels. Chesney has performed and taught internationally, and continues to create exciting new works.

After completing the Jazzart Dance Theatre 3-year full-time training program, Chesney now stands as a valuable company member, performing in many works by award-winning choreographers. With her dynamic skills and unwavering passion for dance, Chesney is an inspiration to fellow dancers and audience.