Choreographers: Sifiso Kweyama and Mziyanda Mancam


15 - 17 September 2016 at the Artscape Theatre



The search for happiness is a timeless and universal human journey.  We all long for that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good; when the space you are in is good and the people around you make you smile.  Of course, this feeling of being happy is impossible to understand and appreciate if you have never experienced sadness.  The production takes the audience through the ups and downs of relationships and how ‘umuntu ngabantu ngumuntu’ calls for us to be selfless at times, to take the time to make someone else happy…and share in their happiness.


Ufundo, choreographed by Mziyanda Mancam is performed by Jazzart’s professional dancers Tracey September and Adam Malebo.  The production is an extension of the collaboration which took place a year ago with dancers, Andile Vellem and Yaseen Manual from Unmute Dance Company.  Andile Vellem, using sign language as his choreography took the cast on a journey of translating this into dance, a technique referred to as "sign dance". Mziyanda, through this journey, portrays what he believes is not only Andile’s challenges as a deaf person, but everyone’s struggle to hear and be heard, to understand and be understood.   


Reservations, choreographed by Sifiso Kweyama brings to the fore the insecurities in a relationship after a partner has deceived the other.  Tracey September and Nkosinathi Sangweni portrays how we have become so self- absorbed in our own opinions and daily woes that we have forgotten that relationships need attention and compromise in order to flourish. It deals with forgiveness and the process of being able to understand oneself and others to move beyond the past; to move beyond the pain.


Injabulo, is a new work that deals with sharing in the happiness of others.  It deals with a group of dancers (Andile Vellum, Nkosinathi Sangweni, Tracey September and Yaseen Manual) that support each other.  Each person is confident in their own abilities yet wary of their shortcomings.  But when times are tough, they motivate each other for the better of dance, the better of society.  It reflects our playfulness when creating new works.


Infinite Reflections, choreographed by Sifiso Kweyama is a work which left audiences in awe at our June 2016 Trainee season.  It is a work is about the experiences of our youth, their contrasting reflection of their emotional suffering and their joy. It displays their pain which varies for each individual because of their different upbringing and demographics.