Cold Waters / Thirsty Souls

Improvisations on the endless flow of life and death

Directors: Mark Fleishman & Jennie Reznek
Choreography: Alfred Hinkel
Design: Craig Leo
Musical arrangement: René Avenant

2001/2002 FNB Vita Award: for Best Choreography in a Contemporary Style:
Mark Fleishman & Alfred Hinkel in collaboration with the Jazzart dancers

   Artscape Theatre, Cape Town: 9-19 January 2002
The fifth in a series of ongoing collaborations between Jazzart and Magnet Theatre, two of Cape Town's most exciting and innovative performance companies, Cold Waters/Thirsty Souls is a lively interplay between structure and improvisation, form and freedom.

Directed by Mark Fleishman of Magnet Theatre (FNB Vita Award winner, Best Director 2000/1) and choreographed by Alfred Hinkel of Jazzart Dance Theatre, the dancers never know exactly what will happen next. But they are also not completely free to do as they please.

Specific languages have been developed to arm the dancers in their play and structures have been created to contain the improvisations. Blocks of set choreography have been inserted at key points to offer another texture to the movement and to dialogue with the improvised sections.

The whole is held and determined by a thematic focus derived from the lives and experiences of the company. At the heart of the production - physically, aesthetically and thematically - are choices. Choices we make and choices made for us ... and the consequences of those choices.

In a country of change, this production offers new methods of working and new languages for dance at a time when the Jazzart company is reforming itself once again like a snake shedding its skin and emerging anew.

"... the piece brings together contemporary dance and physical theatre to evoke ('tell' seems too commonplace a word) an allegory about water, life and the complex social arrangements that depend on our access to this most basic human need. Cold Waters/Thirsty Souls is an invigorating experience."
Theatre pick of the week. Guy Willoughby, Mail & Guardian, January 18-24, 2002

"Tswana women start any conversation with rakgadi meaning "we start here".
... an interlocking grid of stories about needs and desires (derived from the experiences of the dancers themselves), developed via the metaphor of water. Contemporary and elemental, this is dance theatre the way it's meant to be.
... the crop of Jazzart dancers is clearly ready to flow into its full potential. Rakgadi."
Gael Reagon, Cape Times, Friday, 11 January 2002