The Richtersveld Land Settlement Celebration

Northern Cape: 1 December 2007
TBSP///Beyond the Line offered Jazzart the opportunity to once again participate in an event that epitomises the success of the kind of social reforms that have always influenced Jazzart's philosophy: The Richtersveld Land Settlement Celebration.

This centred on the dignification of the dispossessed people of the Richtersveld and focused on the restoration of their humanity. Jazzart founder members Alfred Hinkel, Dawn Langdown and John Linden hail from the Northern Cape and welcomed this opportunity to return to the area with a work that celebrated significant aspects of their personal histories and heritage.

People who have had very little experience of dance very often respond at an honest and visceral level to choreography, and the audience's obvious pride and personal connection to the work was overwhelming. Their responses further reinforced Jazzart's belief that the work is effective as target audiences see themselves reflected on stage, and identify with the essence of what the company creates.

Jazzart's iconic work Last Dance, created by Alfred, John and Dawn in this region during the 1970s as a response to the Immorality Act, was recreated for this production and spoke about the land where it was born.