Destination ...Lerato

Direction: Ina Wichterich


The fifth group of Jazzart Trainees will perform in the production, which is directed by Ina Wichterich Mogane. “Destination ...Lerato is about looking at the world differently, questioning why we dance a particular technique to particular music, why we limit our vision for ourselves and others, and it challenges us to try something new –  to think out of the box, enabling us to discover the truths we have always known,” she says.


 “Using an electrifying blend of dance styles, our young cast take us on a journey of pursuing dreams and searching for love.”  A trainee, Yaseen Manuel says “Vision is nothing more than the image that you have painted on the walls of your mind. Fearlessness is the mastery of fear. We are the rhythm which we seek through Destination …Lerato”.